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Rideshare insurance, why do drivers need it?

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 Posted 2 weeks ago

Rideshare insurance from Uber and Lyft has major gaps that could leave you facing a huge financial crisis. Rideshare insurance coverage only applies after you have accepted a ride request, it will not cover you while you wait for a ride. If you happen to get in an accident during this period of time, chances are neither Uber/Lyft nor your personal insurance carrier would cover you.
Not only is your personal insurance unlikely to cover any incidents while your rideshare drivers app is on, you could even find yourself with a completely cancelled policy if you haven't disclosed your side hustle to your carrier.
Not all insurance companies offer rideshare insurance policies. If yours doesn’t, it’s time to look elsewhere, who knows you may even find a better rate! Let’s get a chain going to see which rideshare insurance carriers we all use and please share feedback on whether or not you are happy with your provider.

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