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Uber's Secret "Project Luigi". Just another way to put the screws to the drivers.

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8198 Rider Driver
 Posted 4 years, 5 months ago

Uber has 180 of Change, Uber Pro. Lyft in some markets added the long pick up fee for drivers. Then in very tiny print at the end they were lowering the drivers per mile rate. The list goes on for both Companies. Most drivers know when we get something "good", "better", "improved"  from either company there is a catch. Something negative will follow.


CA AB5.  Uber gives drivers in CA the ability to see where the rider is going and how much they will make before excepting the trip. News of this came out about Christmas time.  It took less than 3 weeks for the real reason they allowed drivers to see that info. Uber does it yet again. When will it stop? Never. These companies listen to nobody, they are accountable to no one, they do what they want and how they want. It just amazes me how no one stops them. Rules, regulations, laws just dont apply to them. Seems like they are above the law. Who the hell are they paying off???