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Uber’s self-driving trucks division is dead, long live Uber self-driving cars [TechCrunch]

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 Posted 5 years, 9 months ago

Don't you love it when you hear a news that mentions they shut down something that existed?

Shutting down Self-Driving Trucks

"Uber is shuttering its self-driving trucks unit, a beleaguered program borne out of the company’s controversial multi-million acquisition of Otto nearly two years ago. The company said Monday that Uber Advanced Technologies Group will stop development of self-driving trucks and instead focus its efforts on self-driving cars."

Uber Freight is Stll Humming Along

"Uber Freight, a business unit that helps truck drivers connect with shipping companies, is unaffected by this decision. Uber Freight, which launched in May 2017, is designed for vetted and approved drivers, who can use it to find nearby available loads and see destination info, distance required and payment upfront. If the drivers like what they see, they can tap to book.

Uber Freight, which started in three regions, is now available throughout the continental U.S. And it is considered a viable and promising business (and revenue opportunity) within the company. The business unit has expanded threefold in the past 15 months and has offices in San Francisco and Chicago."



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     5 years ago

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       5 years ago

      sweet.  thansks.  kinda went over my head as I am not tchnical but I can't wait for this to be more prominent and available for consumers.

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     5 years ago

    Wait, so they are "announcing" that they are shutting down Trucks but still doing Cars?  What the heck is this?  This isn't news. Stupid news at best.

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       5 years ago

      Anything with "Uber" in its article header is news.

      Journalists love anything with Uber.