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  • I am a rider.  I try to tip 15 to 20%, like I used to with taxis. 

    I also try to keep in mind to tip more for shorter trips because drivers get screwed on those.  I know that's a bit counterintuitive because we pay the most on those short trips due to the booking fee, but the majority of that goes to Uber.

    If it's a real short trip, just walk.  That's my opinion.

  • You can put the same mechanisms in place that prevents drivers from cheating.  Jsut like driving a passenger.

    From which point?  Interesting question.  I feel like Uber can build a logic around it.  Like, the app would ask right after anothe fare, "Samantha is asking for her phone at location ABC.  Would you like to drive there now?"

    Then if you say, "no", it'll ask you later. 

    At which point you accept that, that's when the ride starts, and Samantha also gets a notification on her Uber app. 

  • "When I talked to the drivers, they described how Uber kept fares in a perfectly engineered sweet spot: just high enough for them to justify driving, but just low enough that not much more than their gas and maintenance expenses were covered."


    "...manipulate bonuses so that drivers could be “tricked” into working longer hours. Laughing, they compared the drivers to animals: “You need to dangle the carrot right in front of their face.”

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     9 months ago in  kids rideshares in wilmington nc

    Not that I have heard of.  I think this business concept is still being proven out by businesses and enterpreneurs, and it will be a while before it gets rolled out to cities outside of the test markets. (e.g. San Francisco, Chicago, LA, Boston, etc.)

    I feel as though there is definitely need and demand, but I feel there are lots of hurdles in making it successful.  

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     8 months ago in  Lyft with Express worth it?

    I did the same exact plan in LA in 2016 before I purchased a car for UberX.  I assume what you are considering is similar.  It was like $210 a week for rental but they waive that if you reach 75 trips within a week.  I remember it including mileage, standard maintenance, liability coverge, etc.  

    My advice?  I don't know the deal now in Seattle, but make sure to look at the fineprints.  There are clauses like:

    • You have to maintain a 90% (?) acceptance rate.   (I don't know if you do.)  This can be tough, if you want to cherry pick your rids.  Sometimes, depending on circumstances and the way you want to drive, it can be difficult.  I am sure you will meet it, but it will take away a bit of freedom on how you will run your Uber-driving business.  Just remember that.
    • Hidden Fees: You have to put down a big deposit, and I believe they still charge fees and taxes, and they don't waive those.  I remember having a bill even after completing 75 rides. 
    • Make sure liability insurance is included. Even if it is, remember that it's the bare minimum insurance Uber requires.  (It basically only covers when you are driving passengers.  If you are driving around looking for a fare, you won't be.)  If you are driving 75 rides a week, I strongly suggest getting a rideshare insurance and comprehensive for your own car damage.   ..and yes, that is yet additional expense.