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Upcoming Rate Increase

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1602 Rider Driver
 Posted 5 years, 3 months ago

Hey Drivers:  We all KNOW that Uber/Lyft have been sneaking in a much larger share of the fares as compared to a year or more ago.  I started at 80%.  And I still supposedly get 80% but oh wait, that's 80% of the time and miles at the DRIVER rates, but that's NOT the same as the Passenger charges any longer.  So lately it seems that Uber's share is hovering more around 50% of the fare much of the time.

And yet, Uber"lyft is still NOT reporting a profit.  So what will be the solution?  Aaaah - a rate increase, don't you think?  But of course all of most of it will go entirely to Uber/Lyft.  

With an IPO around the corner, and profits being an absolute necessity to their survival, how else can they possibly do it?  And as long as there's a steady flow of new drivers ready to try out driving for Uber, there will be zero need to increase driver rates!

The question becomes, what do you imagine (since none of us really have a clue) will be the LONG TERM solution to increasing driver income as well?  Will it be actions such as New York is trying to implement with required minimum hourly earnings (which must be met if you don't meet that through your normal driving among other factors) or will we finally see rates creeping upward so that everyone, the company AND the driver will benefit?

What say you?

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