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Why has the issue of tipping for RideShare become such a fixation and under appreciated topic by the public?

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2145 Rider Driver
 Posted 2 weeks, 1 day ago

What is it in the public's mindset that has set the stage for such a bruhaha over tipping RideShare drivers? I don't read any other subject/topic that has gotten so much time and discussion and with so little result.  What has lowered the status of said drivers to less than maids or car parking attendants (people tip them without a single word of discussion, opposition or question). Not only do people not tip but you would be amazed at the ones who try to game the system for freebies. Many times frivolous complaints are claimed at the expense of innocent drivers. People think they are gaming Uber/Lyft when in reality it most affects the drivers. Uber/Lyft is a heartless app. Certain feedback and complaints initiate game changing results and separate drivers from the platform until human review. Sometimes up to 72 hours. Part of it may be that these people feel like they will never see this person again and therefore have no explanation to give why they didn't tip. Tipping is more an indicator of the tipper as a person than anything. Good people make good decisions. Bad people make excuses.

Playing the devil's advocate, I guess the public could see RideShare drivers as wildcat opportunists, working for themselves and making all the money. Either the public doesn't really understand or appreciate the RideShare drivers financial commitment in his expenses, or how greedily the rideshare providers suck up the profits and how the amount charged the end user is unfairly split in the Uber/Lyft relationship. Therefore tipping is a toss up or an option.

I think a very novel approach would be for Uber/Lyft to put their money where their mouth is by giving the riders an opportunity to reward the driver at Uber/Lyft's expense. That's right, the recommended tip from the rider would be in at no addition to the riders cost. It would be a bonus from the rideshare provider's end of the proceeds.$2-$3-$4 that the rideshare kicks back to the driver for services well done at the recommendation of the rider. They could advertise it as "Now with FREE tipping".

Look if Uber and Lyft didn't make but $2-$3 a ride they would still make billions. Give the drivers a break and stop sucking up to 50% of some rides.


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