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Vows to 'delete Uber' weren't just talk: Uber loses market share to Lyft after year of scandal

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 Posted 4 years ago

#DeleteUber was no laughing matter. I think this article gives too much credit to Uber at this point.

Jefferson Graham, USA TODAY

Some Uber customers vowed to turn their back on the ride-hailing company after a string of revelations about unethical practices and workplace harassment. They apparently did more than just grouse.

According to research firm eMarketer, fewer people will ride with Uber than originally projected, while rival Lyft is narrowing the gap. 

"Lyft benefitted tremendously from Uber's troubles in 2018," says Shelleen Shum, eMarketer's forecasting director. 

However, don't cry for Uber. It will continue to be the dominant player in the ride-hailing industry, but with less of a market share than originally projected, says eMarketer. 

“Uber’s brand image took an even bigger hit than expected," says Shum. “To make things worse for Uber, Lyft—which had been rapidly expanding its coverage—seized on the opportunity to brand itself as a more socially-conscious alternative.”

Some 48 million people will ride Uber this year in the United States, which is up 18% over 2017's 40.7 million, but lower than eMarketer's original projection of 51.4 million. Rival Lyft will serve 29.9 million riders in 2018. That's a 41% jump over 2017, notes eMarketer. 


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     4 years ago

    "However, don't cry for Uber"?  Well, we won't cry because they are douches.  

    This article is wrong to say that they will continue to be the dominant player. they are being attacked on all sides (Didi, Ola, and Grab internationally and Lyft in NA).  We should definitely cry for them on that.