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what are the similarities between uber ,lyft ,didi chuxing ,kabbee ,grab taxi ,ola cabs and Flywheel with respect to services they provide?

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 Posted 2 years, 10 months ago


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     2 years ago

    This is a pretty random list.  but they have regional differences.  Ola- India, Didi- China, Lyft- US and Canada, Uber- everywhere, Flywheel- limited in US, Grab- Southeast Asia, Kabbee- London.

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     2 years ago

    Flywheel does work like Uber but they are actually a dispatching system for regular taxis on the road.  I think they used to be called Cabulous in California.

    Kabbee is also a taxi aggregator in London.

    And others are all the same.  Drivers sign up for their service, and you can call them through your app.

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     2 years ago

    With respect to services they provide?  They are pretty much all the same.  You use your smartphone app to choose a car, define a destination, and request a ride.  Then a car comes to get you and take you somewhere.  

    In fact, they are all the same, because they are all the same drivers.  Drivers drive for like all of them.