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What's Sunday driving like for Uber and Lyft drivers?

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 Posted 3 years, 8 months ago


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     3 years ago

    Sunday EARLY morning is good. There are people either getting home from the night out OR people trying to get to places for the day.

    Afternoon is completely dead.  If you are a driver and want to work on Suday afternoons, make sure to have a full understanding of where the local events are. 

    BTW, dropping off people at football games is okay.  Picking up is a nightmare.  Don't do it.

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       3 years ago

      Uber offers me minimum $50 for football pickups.  This is Gillete - Pariots in New England.

      Then again, that's just the "minimum" not a bonus.  Usually, those pickups take so long that we hit those minimum anyways.  Giellete is so far out in the booniesi ithat all rides will be more than $50.

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     3 years ago

    slow.  rest.  watch football.   get ready for the busy Monday.  

    Honestly. Don't drive on Sundays.  It should be a day for you to spend time with your family.