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What's the 2 stop rule on Uber? Is it the same with Lyft? Are we not allowed to stop more than twice?

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 Posted 3 years, 9 months ago

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     3 years ago

    There are no "rules" about how many times you can stop, where you can go, or how long you can wait.  The driver will be paid for where he goes, the distance traveled and the time used.  Period.  However the APP will only allow you to add two additional stops.  But that are the limitations of the app itself, and does NOT effect how you are paid.

    As the driver, YOU can decide what you're able/willing to do.  On a slow night, I'm typically willing to make stops and wait for people to go in stores etc...  however during a busy period, I might be more likely to encourage them to let me end the ride when they stop to shop and recommend that they request an Uber once they've completed their shopping.

    Remember that as a driver, you are NOT limited by the APP.  You can go anywhere you want and you WILL be paid for your time and travel.  The destination in the app is for the purpose of mapping your route and once you vary from that route, the guaranteed rate (to the passenger) is null and void and they're charged for actual time and travel, and you are paid likewise.

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     3 years ago

    If you are stopping more than 2 along the way, I think you are doing it wrong.

    I mean, an UberX can only fit four people. So really, you can never stop more than 3 times to pick up passengers, and that seems like an extreme case. Heck, if you really have three friends you want to pick up, I will do it. Good for you for having so many friends. What a coordination!

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       3 years ago

      You can make stops and not pick up people, you know. Like dropping people off. :)

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       3 years ago

      I believe the stops are only available on regular Uber, it is a feature if you need to stop by convenience store to get coffee, then on to work, perhaps you need to pick up your girlfriend on the way before you get to work. That is what the stops are for.

      Pool rides are completely different, you can’t schedule stop or change destination, system does it all for the driver

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       3 years ago

      I don’t know about you, but my car is a party bus every weekend. 

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     3 years ago

    I didn't realize they set a stopping maximum rule?! I am paying the driver to drive me around, shouldn't I get to dictate where/when/how often I want to stop? This is a service!!