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Why do YOU think Uber is dropping the destination filter in some cities and changing the pay rates on destination rides in other cities?

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1453 Rider Driver
 Posted 2 months ago

Uber has announced it is withdrawing the destination filter in some areas (New York for example) and in other areas it is reducing the pay rate by 30% on rides using the filter.  They claim the filter has caused passengers to wait longer for rides.

How do you feel the destination filter is being abused?  How do you feel about driving for 30% less when using the filter?  (This isn't in all markets "yet"... but it will roll out)


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    190 Driver
     2 months ago

     It makes me feel like we all need to drive for a new rideshare company. Ideally one that cares more about it’s drivers. Uber on it’s current trajectory is going to have drivers living in their cars.