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Why is it so slow for Uber drivers over the summer?

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 Posted 8 months, 2 weeks ago


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    619 Rider Driver
     8 months ago

    School. Also there may be more people driving for Uber due to better weather and people out of school (think teachers) trying to make an extra buck.

    So the demand is down because the school people are out, and the supply is up because school people are driving.

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     8 months ago

    I see people mentioning schools, but this depends on location.  In college towns, sure. People leave and there's a huge void of people on campuses.  However, these people do not simply disappear. They go somewhere else to utilize Uber elsewhere.  The demand must be up where they end up.

    The activity level should be UP in the summer.  People go out more, tourism is way up, they go be active. I'd like to think the demand in general remains the same (or likely up) and the spike goes to touristy or activity filled towns.

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       8 months ago

      I think this is right. I challenge the notion that it's less busy for drivers over the summer.  Maybe in some places but the overall demand must be up.

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     8 months ago

    Schools are out.  College students and faculty are out. They're all home doing whatever.