All about the new Cityscoot e-mopeds in Paris

Posted by: Lilly Kenyon Nov 06, 2019
Updated Jan 16, 2020


cityscoot paris e-moped

Last month Uber announced that they would be rolling out e-mopeds in Paris during the month of November, 2019. Through a partnership with French start-up, Cityscoot, users will be able to book and pay for their e-moped directly through the Uber app.

This will be the first time that Uber is offering e-mopeds on their platform and according to their press release they view this as “another step towards our goal to become a one-stop shop for all transportation needs”. With this new transportation addition in Paris, residents and visitors will have access to more shared mobility options than anywhere else in the world. Currently, those in Paris have access to shared cars, bikes, scooters, and public transit.

Cityscoot, is rooted in the belief that mobility should be shared in order to relieve congestion and reduce the impact of transportation on the environment. With their new partnership with Uber, many more travelers will have direct access to their alternative form of transportation.

The Cityscoot e-moped option will be featured on Uber’s home screen, alongside their other product offerings. Riders in Paris will be able to locate and book one of 4,000 available e-mopeds. Current pricing for a Cityscoot e-moped is $0.29 a minute.

How to Order Your Cityscoot E-Moped in Paris:

  1. Open the Uber App
  2. Next to the cars, bikes and scooters, all electric mopeds available around you show up on the home screen
  3. Select the e-moped of your choice and follow the itinerary
  4. Unlock the e-moped by typing the pin on the handlebar
  5. Put your helmet on (located under your seat), a hairnet is also at your disposal
  6. The journey starts! Drive on the road and not on the bike or bus lanes
  7. Once your ride is complete, park your electric moped within a Cityscoot zone or at an authorized place – car and motorbike parking spots – then click on “end the trip”

E-Mopeds are recommended for mid-distance trips, generally around 4KM. For shorter trips Uber recommends using their JUMP scooter or bike and for longer trips their traditional car service.


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