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Attention Drivers: Get more Tips with RideGuru Tip Stickers!

Posted by: RideGuru Team May 02, 2017


Tipping has been a controversial subject in the rideshare community since the beginning of Uber. Some rideshare companies allow riders to tip within the application and others do not. At the same time, some companies promote tipping behavior while other companies condone driver tips. This lack of consistency causes confusion amongst riders and frustrates drivers. 

While not all rideshare companies have the same policies, we feel that ALL drivers should be entitled to a tip for a job well done. This is why we created "Tip Stickers" for drivers to display in their cars and encourage positive tipping behavior from riders. These stickers help to get the message across that drivers still appreciate tips without seeming too "pushy". Best of all, our stickers are free! Simply order your sticker, adhere the glass-safe sticker to either window in your back seat, and watch the tips roll in! Our stickers are made from a high quality vinyl that is not permanent, so you do not need to worry about any annoying residue on your window when you decide to take it off.

Over the past month we have tested out these tipping stickers amongst a few drivers in our RideGuru community and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Many drivers have reported that their riders have commented on the funny sayings and that their percentage of tips to rides given has increased. Try it out for yourself and let us know if you experience the same results. Through RideGuru, we hope to encourage a better rideshare environment for all!

Check out the fun designs below and when you are ready, order your free tip sticker here

Sticker 1 (2" x 6"): "Cows"


Sticker 2 (2" x 6"): "Boats"


Sticker 3 (2" x 6"): "Puppies"


Sticker 4 (2" x 6"): "Tipsy"


Sticker 5 (2" x 6"): "Thumbs Up"

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