Do we tip the drivers? What's up with tipping with Uber?

Posted by: RideGuru Team Jul 06, 2016
Updated Jan 16, 2020



Traditionally, when yellow taxis still ruled the cities, it was normal to tip your driver 10-20%. While this tipping etiquette still holds true for traditional yellow cabs, rideshare companies have now developed their own tipping standards. Let’s walk through the tipping practices for both Taxis and Rideshares so you are better prepared when you jump in your next ride.

Taxis and Rideshare Apps that Hail Traditional Taxis

For all Taxis and Taxi Rideshare Apps (Hailo, Flywheel, MyTaxi, Curb, and UberTaxi) the proper tipping etiquette is 10-20% of the final fare. Keep in mind that while this is a standard rule (especially in the United States), some countries around the world do not tip service workers. Research the country you are traveling to before you go, to see if tipping in taxis is expected.

Rideshare Apps

Rideshare companies such as Uber and Lyft have made the rules around driver tipping etiquette a bit more confusing. While each rideshare company states slightly different views on tipping, overall, tipping your rideshare driver is not the norm, though always greatly appreciated! If you do want to tip your rideshare driver, we would encourage you to follow the same rule that applies with traditional taxis, 10-20%.

Uber’s Policy

Uber previously stated they would never have an in-app tipping feature. However, starting July 31st, 2017, in-app tipping was introduced in all operating cities across the U.S..

Tipping is not required for Uber passengers – it is an optional feature for riders to use to thank their drivers who exceeded their expectations. It is a seamless process, and you can add your tip after the ride is complete through the application. In fact, you can add your tip up to 30 days after the trip is completed by looking through your trip history and trip receipt.

The tipping process is also respecting of your privacy as a passenger, and the tip will be associated with your trip, and not your name.

For more information on Uber's tipping policy, visit their frequently asked questions page.

Lyft’s Policy

Lyft, on the other hand, does include an in app tipping feature that allows you to tip your driver any amount of your choosing. If you tip your driver using Lyft’s in app tipping feature, your tip will solely go to the driver and will remain anonymous. Follow these instructions to learn how you can tip your Lyft driver.

Fasten's Policy

In September 2016, Fasten announced that they were releasing a much asked for tipping feature on their application. As mentioned in the blog they are still not actively promoting tipping within the app and state that they "won’t force you to tip or ask at the end of every ride", however, they do mention that tips are very appreciated by the drivers and help to improve their driver's morale and service. Another neat aspect of Fasten's in app tipping feature is that all tips are anonymous and are simply added as a lump sum to the drivers weekly pay.

Juno’s Policy

Juno does have an in-app tipping feature, however, you will only see the tipping feature if you rate your driver 5-stars. After you've completed your ride and rated your driver 5-stars, you have up to 2 hours after the trip to go back and add a tip. Once the 2 hours have passed or if you've already selected "Done" at the end of your ride summary, you won't be able to add a tip for that ride.

Curb's Policy

Unlike the other rideshare companies, Curb has an automatic tip calculated into your fare. The driver tip defaults to 20% and automatically apears in your payment. You can change your desired tip percentage during your ride through the app by tapping "20% tip applied" and entering a different amount. To change the default tip percentage permanantly, go to the "Payment" option and enter your desired amount.

Cabify's Policy

Cabify is a rideshare company that openly communicates to users that it is unnecessary to tip their driver. The drivers who work for Cabify do not expect any type of tips from passengers.

This article was updated on August 8th, 2017 to update the rideshare tipping policies adding companies Curb and Cabify.

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    Interesting re: fasten. They are making waves.

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       5 years ago

      Fasten even has a driver lounge. Now sure if people use it but it sounds neat.  Maybe it'll solve the bathroom problem.

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     6 years ago  (edited 6 years ago)

    I tipped my driver today from within the Fasten app. According to their blog, as of September 2016 Fasten supports in-app tipping. https://blog.fasten.com/tipping-made-easy/

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       6 years ago

      Thanks for the info!

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    Leaving this right here.   Remember, this is an old screenshot:

    The screen while you wait for your driver

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       5 years ago

      I love it how it's a pic of Travis.

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    Uber even created a tipping page:


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       5 years ago  (edited 5 years ago)

      I also find it really interesting how Uber and Lyft initially give people 3 options to tip! I've heard some Uber drivers complain about how there is a $1 option, saying that this is insulting to them. Part of me thinks they should just leave an empty field and let the customer choose what they want to tip without being swayed!

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        62 Rider
         5 years ago

        I just noticed this "option tipping" in Uber the other day. It definitely made it seem like tipping $1 was ok. Imagine if you took a $30 ride and only tipped a dollar!