How to Sign Up to Deliver Alcohol (Uber)

Posted by: RideGuru Team Jan 22, 2021
Updated Jan 22, 2021

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Alcohol Delivery Uber

With the second Covid wave in full swing many drivers are finding that delivery work is more prevalent than ridesharing trips. If you are looking to get more delivery requests during this time, check to see if you are eligible to complete alcohol delivery trips through the Uber Partner App.

At this time not everyone is eligible for alcohol delivery. To see if you are eligible, open your Uber Work Hub and see if it is an option. Uber is continually growing this line of delivery and recruiting more drivers every month. If it is not an option now check back next month! The pay is the same for delivering alcohol as it is for delivering food but many drivers will claim that tips tend to be better on alcohol deliveries which is a perk!

Once you sign up to complete alcohol delivery runs, your Uber Partner app will walk you through the appropriate steps to complete your first delivery. By following the laid-out steps, Uber ensures that you, as a delivery personnel, are following all local and state regulations when it comes to delivering alcohol.

The below are the following steps that you must take when completing any Uber Alcohol delivery. Please note that if you cannot hand over the alcohol for any of the below reasons, you will still be paid to return the alcohol to the store and this will not affect your rating.

Step 1 - Check Sobriety

Per the law, you must make sure that the customer is sober when you make your delivery. Common signs of intoxication include stumbling, slurred speech, or impaired reactions/lack of coordination. If you think your customer is under the influence, you can deny to deliver their order and mark this in your app.

Step 2 – Request ID

Before you hand over the delivery you must request and check a valid photo ID from the customer. Uber states that proper identification includes “a US driver's license, passport (US or international), US state ID or US military ID. ID’s such as library cards, school IDs, or identification without a photo are NOT acceptable.”

If your customer cannot produce a valid ID, please hit the "Customer doesn't have valid ID" button in your Driver app and let the customer know that you cannot fulfill the delivery without a valid ID.

Step 3 - Checking Identity

This step goes hand in hand with Step #2, but in order to lawfully hand over the alcohol, you must check that the name on the customer’s ID matches the name on the order and that the photo on the ID matches the person to which you are handing the alcohol. If the name or photo does not match, you can once again tap the "Customer doesn't have valid ID" button in your Driver app, and let the customer know.

Step 4 - Confirming Age (21+) and Capturing Photos

This step is perhaps the most important step as there is an action item you must complete in order to avoid any blame in the future. After you have checked the customers ID, you will need to follow the prompts in your Driver App to capture a photo of the front and back side of the customer's ID to confirm the customer is over 21.

Here are some tips from Uber to ensure you are capturing the necessary information:
- Place the card in the frame and make sure all text is clear and visible
- Avoid glares or shadows in the photo
- After submitting the front and back photos, please allow 30-45 seconds for ID verification to complete.
- This step must be completed for all customers, no matter what age they appear. It is illegal to deliver alcohol to anyone under 21.

Step 5 - Complete the trip!

At this point your can hand the customer their order and complete the trip.

If you choose to opt in to alcohol delivery please keep in mind that the following verbiage from Uber "alcohol delivery is fully optional and will not affect your ability to receive food delivery requests with the Uber app. If you no longer wish to deliver alcohol for any reason, you can opt out of receiving alcohol delivery requests at any time"

Have you completed any Uber alcohol deliveries? Did they go smoothly? 

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    Thanks for sharing this valuable information on signing up for alcohol delivery with Uber. It's crucial, especially during these times, to understand the process thoroughly.

    Ensuring sobriety, requesting and verifying a valid ID, and confirming the customer's age are essential steps to make alcohol delivery safe and compliant with the law. 

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