Lyft is Testing Subscription-Based Pricing Model!

Posted by: RideGuru Team Mar 19, 2018
Updated Jan 16, 2020

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Lyft’s latest passenger subscription plan is the answer to all of your commuting questions. Now, frequent Lyft users have the option to pay a monthly rate for a limited number of rides! This subscription based pricing model has been used by companies like Netflix and Spotify, where customers pay once monthly and in return are given access to the service, instead of paying every time you watch a movie, listen to a playlist, or take a Lyft ride.

The program is targeted to those passengers who use Lyft often and spend up to $450 on ridesharing per month. There were a couple of pricing options available to eligible Lyft customers:

In this pass, all individual rides up to $15 were covered. The CEO of Lyft, Logan Green, stated that Lyft is trying to change the way the entire ridesharing industry operates. By changing the way companies charge customers, they are completely altering the way they will be making money. 

Lyft also stated that they have been testing this all-access program for a few months already, but now, it is becoming available to more eligible passengers.

While to some this pricing may seem like an expensive upfront price, if you actually use rideshares every day, you may end up saving money each month. Many commuters who use Lyft to get to and from work can benefit from the all-access pass. If you think about the math behind Lyft’s pricing-- if you take 30 rides at $15 each, you will end up paying $450. Under Lyft’s subscription-based pricing, you end up saving $250 a month. That’s a lot of savings.

If you don’t use rideshares that often, this new pricing plan is not for you (and you likely won’t get invited to participate). Lyft hasn’t revealed the full details of the program yet, but more information will likely become available to the public soon. 

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