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Ola Services and Vehicle Types

Posted by: RideGuru Apr 30, 2018
Updated May 02, 2018


Ola, is an online, on-demand car service throughout India and Australia. Ola provides riders with a variety of car services, ranging from their ultra-affordable Ola Micro service to their luxury business class options, Ola Prime and Ola Lux. Scroll below to see a complete list of Ola Car Service options.


Ola Auto

Ola's rickshaw service.

 Economy Rickshaw
   4 passengers

Ola Bike

Ola's Motorbike option. Reduce your travel time by up to 50%!

   1 passenger

Ola Exec

Ola’s business class service. Also called Ola Prime Exec.

 Luxury Sedan
   4 passengers

Ola Lux

Ola's luxury service. Top of the line luxury cars with auto-connect WiFi service.

 Luxury Sedan
   4 passengers

Ola Micro

Ola's cheapest budget service. Compact, air-conditioned cars.

 Economy Compact Vehicle
   3 passengers

Ola Mini

Ola's standard service. A standard, air-conditioned hatchback.

 Economy Sedan
   4 passengers

Ola Prime Play

Prime Play is a basic Prime Sedan ride with the addition of in-cab entertainment consoles that allow you to watch movies, listen to music, and stay connected during the ride.

 Luxury Sedan
   4 passengers

Ola Prime Sedan

Ola's luxury service. Best drivers, free WiFi, and extra legroom and trunk space.

 Luxury Sedan
   4 passengers

Ola Prime SUV

Ola's SUV luxury service. Best for large groups plus free WiFi.

 Luxury SUV
   6 passengers

Kaali Peeli

Book a black and yellow cab through the Ola app.

 Economy Taxi Cab
   4 passengers

Ola Share

Ola's shared ride service. Share your ride with others at affordable rates.

 Economy Sedan
   2 passengers



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