What is OlaCabs?

Posted by: RideGuru Team May 01, 2018
Updated Jan 16, 2020


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What is Ola?

OlaCabs, more commonly referred to as "Ola", is an Indian-based rideshare company founded in Mumbai, but now based in Bangalore. OlaCabs was founded back in 2010, and now operates over 600,000 vehicles in 110 cities. Ola cars, like Uber cars, can be hailed via a mobile application. Ola uses their own custom-built technology to connect passengers to drivers. 

Right now, there are over 125 million Ola users and more than a million drivers in its home country of India. 

Similar to Uber and Lyft, Ola has many different services available for consumers to take, ranging from economy to luxury options.

Where does Ola operate?

Since Ola is an Indian company, the majority of their operating markets are in Indian cities. Ola currently has around 60% of the market share in India, claiming to give 150,000 bookings per day. However, in the beginning of 2018 the company expanded to Australia, and is adding more markets everyday as the company grows.

How to find your Ola Fare.

To see if Ola operates in your city, find your city on our cities page, and explore all the available rideshare options in your area.

You can also search for an Ola fare estimate between any two destinations by entering the addresses into our Fare Comparison Calculator. The results will show your Ola fare, as well as the fares for all other rideshare services available to in your city!

Once you decide your best option, click to book your ride, set up an account, and go!

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