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Posted by: RideGuru Team May 04, 2018
Updated Jan 16, 2020


DiDi is the "Uber" of China. Headquartered in Beijing, DiDi has grown to support over 400 cities in China and just recently has also made the move into Mexico. DiDi provides a wide variety of car types from standard, affordable rides to luxury high-class vehicles. There is even a car pool option if you are looking to save money or if you would rather you can also rent a car using DiDi's platform. We have compiled all the DiDi ride options below so you can know what to expect when you hail a car via DiDi.

DiDi Express

DiDi's standard service.

 Economy Sedan
  4 Passengers

DiDi Express Select

A step up from "Express" but still not considered luxury. You will get a nicer Express car and will pay about 10% more.

 Newer Economy Sedan
  4 Passengers

DiDi Express Pool

DiDi’s shared ride service. Share an Express ride with others heading in the same direction.

 Economy Sedan
  2 Passengers

DiDi Taxi

Hail a traditional Taxi cab through the DiDi app.

 Economy Taxi Cab
  4 Passengers

DiDi Premier

High end, luxury rides with specially trained drivers.

 Luxury Sedan
  4 Passengers

DiDi Bus

DiDi's real-time public bus option. Buy a seat on the bus and travel one of the pre-determined DiDi routes.

 Economy Bus
  1 Passenger

DiDi Car Rental

Rent a car through the DiDi app.


DiDi MiniBus

Use DiDi MiniBus to travel in 5- and 7-seater vans between transportation hotspots, including public transit terminals.

 Economy 5-7 Seat Van
  1 Passenger

DiDi Enterprise Solutions

DiDi Enterprise Solutions provides corporate clients with flexible, efficient and reliable corporate mobility solutions free from reimbursement and processing pains.

 Luxury Sedan or SUV

DiDi Luxe

DiDi's most luxurious service, described as a true 5 star experience. DiDi only hires professional chauffeurs as drivers for this service.

 Luxury Sedan
  4 Passengers

DiDi Bike Sharing

DiDi's Bike Sharing Program. Order a bicycle to use for a duration of time off of the DiDi app.

  1 Passenger



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