RideGuru Welcomes Via, Sitbaq, RideYellow & Cab Hound to Our Community

Posted by: RideGuru Team Apr 24, 2017
Updated Jan 16, 2020


This weeks round up of new RideGuru companies features Via, Sitbaq, RideYellow, and Cab Hound. Take a look below to learn more about each new company then check your ride estimate on our RideGuru Fare Comparison Calculator


Via is a ride-hail app that pools together multiple passengers. Once you sign up and open the Via app you will be prompted to select your pick up and drop off areas. Via will then calculate your actual pick up and drop off locations, which will be within a couple blocks of your desired location points. Via states that this helps them to keep their trip times as short as possible even though they are picking up multiple people. Once your vehicle picks you up you should expect to already see passengers in the car or to pick up some other Via-goers along your route. The number of passengers you might share a ride with will vary but capacities range from 3-5 passengers depending on the make and model of the vehicle picking you up. 


Sitbaq is a mobile app based rideshare service located in the San Francisco Bay area. Sitbaq differentiates themselves from others by focusing on allowing their riders to make reservations in advance (up to 7 days). Another unique feature of Sitbaq is that the app allows a rider to add a driver as a favorite. By favoriting drivers you can feel more comfortable that you will get a driver you enjoy while the drivers also benefit by building their clientele base. With Sitbaq you have the option to hail 4 different vehicle types, basic, van, premium van/SUV, and luxury. Sitbaq is currently only available in California but they are looking to expand soon.

Cab Hound

Cab Hound is an on-demand car service that hails an existing traditional taxi through the Cab Hound smartphone app. With Cab Hound you have the option of choosing the driver that you feel would be best for your ride. When you open the Cab Hound app to request a ride you will be presented with a list of available nearby drivers to choose from. Cab Hound measures the individual performance of drivers and awards badges based on their historical performance. The badges provide a quick way to recognize the best drivers for particular traits. For example, the clock badge is earned by drivers that are particularly punctual and a star badge is highly rated for passengers satisfaction. 

Cab Hound is also unique in that they have a carbon offset feature to empower passengers to "green" their taxi ride. The carbon offsets are generated by GreenTrees, the largest domestic reforestation project. When you choose to green your ride you will be charged $0.20 at the end of your ride to offset your trips carbon emissions.


RideYellow is an on-demand taxi service that allows you to request a traditional taxi through an Android or iPhone app. Simply request a ride and a licensed taxi will be at your location in typically around 10 minutes. After the taxi is requested you can track the location of the taxi so you know exactly when to expect it to arrive. After the trip is over you have the option to tip in the app and rate the driver.

RideYellow also provides each user the flexibility to pay in cab via cash, card or stored credit card in the app. Additionally if you are already taking a trip and wish to pay for your taxi ride through your RideYellow account, RideYellow actually allows you to sync your current ride with the app under their street hail feature.  Lastly, with no surge pricing, you can depend on the same rate no matter the occasion.


To read about the other rideshare companies that we support check out of Rideshares Worldwide page.

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