Say Goodbye to Juno

Posted by: Lilly Kenyon Nov 20, 2019
Updated Jan 16, 2020


Recently, Gett, the mega ridesharing company backed by Volkswagon, announced that they will be ending their NYC Juno rideshare services. Juno launched its ridesharing service in 2016 as a more driver friendly alternative to Uber and Lyft. With Juno, drivers were able to join as stockholders and were paid higher percentages of each ride. In 2017, Gett acquired Juno for $200 million and to many drivers’ dismay, substantially lowered the original perks of being a Juno driver with many drivers complaining that their stocks were now “invalid”.

The news of Gett closing down Juno’s operations comes alongside the news that Gett has also recently entered into a strategic partnership with Lyft. According to Gett, the Lyft partnership, will ensure that when customers from around the globe travel to the United States, they can continue to use their Gett apps to order Lyft cars without ever having to download or create a Lyft profile. Gett also states that they will be encouraging all Juno riders to join Lyft effective immediately.

While it seems like the news of the Gett/Lyft partnership plays a hand in Gett’s decision to shut down Juno, the company is citing other reasons for the shutdown. In Gett’s most recent press release, the company states that the decision came “as a result of both Gett's increased focus on the corporate transportation sector” and what it called “misguided regulations” enacted in NYC earlier this year. If you are unfamiliar with NYC’s new transportation regulations, New York’s city council voted to cap rideshare licenses last year along with other new rules.

Juno started off 3 years ago as a beacon of hope for rideshare drivers and it is sad to see this turn of events. Let us know below if you were a driver or rider on Juno's platform and what your thoughts are on this sudden departure.

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