RideGuru adds Juno, Gett, and RipeRides to Fare Comparison Calculator

Posted by: RideGuru Team Feb 07, 2017
Updated Jan 16, 2020


This week our team added 3 great new rideshare companies to our RideGuru Fare Comparison Calculator, Juno, Gett, and RipeRides. Each rideshare company contributes something unique to the market and we are eager to hear your thoughts on these companies and how they compare to other rideshare services in your city.

Take a look below to learn about each new company.


Juno, is a ridehailing service based in New York, New York. The claim to be the most friendly ridehail service for both drivers and riders, hence their slogan, "A Better Ridesharing Service". Juno does try to live by this motto as they have reserved 50% of the shares of their company to be given out to their drivers, a first in the ridesharing world! Juno also takes a smaller commission (10%) from their drivers than similar services, putting more money in drivers' pockets. Lastly, Juno has a 24-hour assistance hotline, which is a big plus for both riders and drivers! While this company at a basic level is similar to an Uber (download the app, hail a ride, rate your driver, etc), their advantage is in the way they treat their drivers and riders. As Juno is still relatively new, if you sign up now you will get an entire month of 30% off all your rides!


Gett, previously known as GetTaxi, is an Israeli-based startup that connects customers with black car corporate rides and taxis. Gett allows you to hail cars immediately or book them for later. Gett’s main pledge is that they will never surge and their prices are pretty competitive ($10 rides anywhere in Manhattan, below 110 street). Gett also has a rewards program for their frequent riders. Gett calls these riders “Gett-Setters” and through using Gett they earn points towards free rides and even gain invitations to exclusive Gett events. Gett is a popular choice among corporate clients as the app provides a full business offering. Gett is currently available in 80 cities globally including New York, London, Moscow, St Petersburg, Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.


RideRides is a ridehail service based in Vancouver, BC, Canada. RipeRides currently only has one service option, a ride in one of thier Cadillac XTS sedans. One main difference between RipeRides and other ridehail companies is that RipeRides drivers are paid employees instead of contractors. RipeRides also owns their own fleet of cars for the drivers to use, so you are not getting into someones personal car. Apart from the personal fleet and salaried drivers, RipeRides functions like most other ridehail applications allowing you to hail your ride, pay through the app, and rate your driver!

To read about the other rideshare companies that we support check out of Rideshares Worldwide page.

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