Top Most Lucrative Holidays To Drive Uber

Posted by: Lilly Kenyon Jan 01, 2020
Updated Jan 16, 2020


Lucrative days for uber driving

Being an Uber driver can be incredibly lucrative all year round if you know what you’re doing, but there are certain days of the year with higher than usual earning potential. Holidays are some of the best days to drive. With the New Year upon us, it’s good to start planning ahead. 

  1. New Year’s Day is one of the busiest days for rideshare drivers. Many people were out ringing in the New Year the night before and need rides back to their cars. Many others will need rides to bars, football bowl parties, celebrations, and more. Drivers can stay busy from morning until late into the evening on January 1st.

  2. New Year’s Eve is celebrated all around the world. People often celebrate out with family or friends, while enjoying a few cocktails. To avoid the traffic, parking, and tickets, riders are in need of drivers to take them all around town late into the evening of December 31st.

  3. Christmas Day may not seem like a busy day for drivers, but it sure can be. With all the merry making and events to get to people are out and about more than you’d think.

  4. Fourth of July probably won’t be busy for most countries, but it’s a huge holiday in the United States. Drivers are in high demand as people start their barbecues early and end the night late with fireworks and parties.

  5. St. Patrick’s Day celebrates the luck of the Irish with a good sized beer. Where there is drinking, drivers are needed. This is a late night for drivers as parties continue long after bar close. Drivers should keep an eye out for parades or other festivals put on by their local towns because there might be more busy days than just March 17th.

  6. Halloween can be very busy for adults going to and from parties and bars all night long. There may be parties the weekend before and after, so you might want to try and drive then too.

  7. Cinco de Mayo may not be an official American holiday, but they celebrate like it is. People gravitate towards bars and house parties for this fun and low key holiday.

  8. Thanksgiving and the surrounding days (especially the night before Thanksgiving) are the beginning of a very busy season for drivers. With people heading to parties, there is a high demand for drivers. There are also a lot of people heading to and from the airport.

  9. Valentine’s Day lets couples relish their love, and they’re heading out for a nice dinner, drinks, and potentially parties.

  10. Super Bowl Sunday is a huge celebration in the United States with bars and people throwing watch parties. People have places to be, and they need drivers from morning until late into the night. If you’re driving in the host city, it will be a mess, but you won’t want to miss that opportunity. 
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