Stay Safe For Holiday Parties This Year

Posted by: Bekah Wheeler Dec 17, 2019
Updated Jan 16, 2020


Christmas is only one week away, and New Year’s is just after that. The holiday season is in full swing. From ugly sweater parties to office parties to family get togethers, there are holiday parties of all kinds calling people’s names. It’s an amazing time of the year filled with joy and celebration, but it’s important to stay safe. Take a look at our top tips for this holiday season.

  1. Designated Driver. Never get behind the wheel after you’ve been drinking. Appoint a friend in your party to be the designated driver. Or call a Lyft or an Uber to get you to and from your party safely. Try using RideGuru to find the cheapest ride for your route!

  2. Watch the Weather. In many parts of the world, the holiday season can be accompanied by bad weather. No party is worth risking dangerous weather conditions. Keep an eye on the weather report before you head to a party. Check it before you leave the party. Sometimes storms can blow in suddenly, and you don’t want to be trapped on the road when you could have stayed at the party until conditions are better.

  3. Take A Friend. If you don’t know many people at the party, take a friend. This is a great way to make sure you have someone to talk to, but it also keeps you safe by the buddy system.

  4. Drink Water. For every alcoholic beverage you drink, drink a glass of water. It’s important to stay hydrated.
  5. Keep Decorations Appropriate. Some decorations have small pieces. Due to a choking hazard, these are inappropriate for parties with small children. It’s important to pay attention to the party’s attendees when decorating.

  6. Pour Your Own Drink in order to avoid having something slipped in your drink. It’s better safe than sorry. If you’re not pouring your own drink, watch whoever is pouring your drink.

  7. Cab Numbers. Have a list of numbers for local taxi companies. This can come in handy for yourself or friends.

  8. Food. Whether you’re throwing the party or attending the party, if you’re consuming alcohol, make sure to do it on a full stomach. If you’re throwing a party, have a variety of food for people.

  9. Non-Alcoholic Drinks. Having non-alcoholic drinks is an important part of making sure the party goers have options to make good decisions.

  10. Leave Before Midnight. Most accidents happen between midnight and three in the morning. If you leave before midnight, you can avoid some of the worst drivers on the road and ensure your safety.

  11. Stop Serving Alcohol. As the party is winding down, stop serving alcohol and remove it from the party. Sixty to ninety minutes before the party is done allows people to sober up and calm down before they head home for the night.

    Alcohol is a big part of people’s lives and holiday traditions. One of the most important things to remember is to not get behind the wheel of a car after you’ve been driving; never get in a car with someone who has been drinking. If you have any doubts, call a cab or order an Uber. Getting home safely should be the top priority!
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