Uber Balloon - A New Way to Travel

Posted by: RideGuru Team Oct 23, 2023


Image Credit: Uber.com


Over the past decade we have seen Uber expand from cars to scooters to airplanes but today a new mode of transport has arrived. With one tap of a button, you can now take to the skies in a hot air balloon! Starting this week in Cappadocia, Turkey, Uber Balloon will be available in the UNESCO World Heritage Göreme National Park!

To book a hot air balloon ride, open your Uber app and tap on ‘Uber Reserve’. The hot air balloon trips are a 1.5 hour picturesque sunrise trip. This once-in-a-lifetime adventure includes door-to-door rides from the hotel lobby to 3,000 feet in the sky!

According to Uber, “Over the last year, Turkey has become an increasingly popular destination for Uber riders – international trips have risen by more than 30% and nearly 26 million people have opened the app to request a ride this year alone. The addition of hot air balloon rides to the Uber app is the latest in our ‘Go Anywhere’ travel series. It follows the launch of many other multimodal and bucket-list travel experiences, including Uber Boat in Mykonos and Uber Sleigh in Lapland, as well as flights, trains, coaches and even hotels all available to book directly via the Uber app.”

Availability of Uber Balloon trips is quite limited and subject to weather conditions. If you are interested if testing out Uber Balloon, we strongly advise you to book your trip in advance! Balloon trips will cost €150 per person, with 100 free flights being made available to celebrate the launch. The free hot air balloon rides will be limited to four people per day, until the offer expires on 19 November. 

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     Uber Technologies Inc. is now booking hot air balloon rides for its users over the touristic Cappadocia region in Turkey. Slope Game

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    According to Uber, “Over  the last year, Turkey has become an increasingly popular destination doodle jump