What is Uber Park?

Posted by: RideGuru Team Mar 21, 2022


Have you heard of Uber’s newest service, Uber Park? Just like the name describes, Uber Park helps users find available parking spaces. For those who live in big cities, the hassle of circling block after block searching for a parking space is a real pain point. Uber is hoping that Uber Park will cut down on both wasted time and unnecessary garage expenses for users.

With Uber Park, commuters will have the ability to book and pay for a parking space in specific parking lots around their city. 

Uber Park is a partnership between Uber and Metropolis, a parking service app. Through the Metropolis platform, parking structures have been outfitted with sensors to easily detect when a parking spot is empty or occupied. This allows drivers the ability to pre-pay for parking spots, avoiding paper tickets and saving time. Metropolis also has the ability to bill any parking payments directly through the app (or in Uber Parks case, through the Uber app).

Uber Park works directly through the Uber app, allowing Uber users to tap into Metropolis’ network without having to make a separate Metropolis account. Anyone can use the Uber Park feature by navigating to the Uber Park tab inside their Uber app. Simply tap on the three dots to open the Uber Menu. From there you will see a menu item labeled “Parking”, tap on that to bring up the Uber Park service!

Unfortunately, Uber Park has not been rolled out across the country yet but if you live in one of the below cities, you will have access to this new service! The cities where Uber Park is active are Austin, Detroit, Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, Los Angeles, Nashville, and New York City. Uber and Metropolis do plan to add more cities to Uber Park in the future.

Uber Park charges the same garage parking rates for wherever you are parking plus a $1 booking fee. While, you may not be getting a discount on parking, you can use Uber Park to check different parking structures and find the most economical parking spot. 

Once you have decided on which spot you would like to purchase through Uber Park, you will simply navigate to your designated space and the Metropolis sensors will automatically record your cars arrival and begin tracking how long your car is in the spot. Once you drive off the spot, the sensors will take note of the amount of time and will charge you through the app accordingly.

One great perk of using Uber Park is that you can extend your parking time from inside the Uber app. This is especially helpful if you are at an appointment that is running late!

Have you tried Uber Park yet? Let us know in our forum!

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