What To Expect Driving an Uber on Christmas

Posted by: Lilly Kenyon Dec 21, 2019
Updated Dec 13, 2021


Drive Uber on Christmas

Christmas is a busy two days for everyone. For the drivers who decide to work on Christmas, it can be a very lucrative work day. When Christmas falls during the week, Uber drivers should plan on being extra busy on December 24; many people still have to go to work that day on top of the other holiday festivities. 

Drivers who want to make a little extra money or who don’t have any holiday plans, driving over Christmas could be the perfect way to spend the time. Christmas Day is not the busiest day during the holiday week; however, Christmas Eve is a very busy day especially this year. Christmas Eve is one of the busiest days of the year for everyone in any business. Businesses are still open, and the last minute shoppers still need to find the perfect presents. Many are also doing last minute grocery shopping. If a rider asks you to wait while they do their shopping, politely decline. Their trip will take much longer than expected with the lines of other people, and you could be missing out on other rides. Many people need rides to the airport on Christmas Eve and during Christmas week. Uber drivers, in the past, have found there are fewer people needing rides from the airport because friends or family members are usually picking their loved ones up this time of year. If you make a trip to the airport, don’t plan on finding a ride away from it. Most businesses are closed on December 25, but Uber drivers are still in high demand that day because people have places and events to go to, and fewer drivers choose to work those days.  

If you’re planning on driving on Christmas Eve, plan to be busy all day long. There will be a slower rush hour in the morning; many people will take the day off of work. Traffic and demand will start to pick up around noon as shoppers head out for their last minute items. The day will continue to get busier as people shop and have events to go to. On Christmas Day, there are rushes in the morning, midafternoon, and evening as people go to church, their friends and/or family’s homes, and the movies. 

Christmas is associated with food, and many people requesting Uber rides will be carrying food items to another location. It’s best to keep Clorox wipes and paper towels in the car in case of spills or messes. 

The airport is a busy area on Christmas, which means hotels are also usually busy. If you’re going to gravitate towards areas to drive, gravitate towards hotels and shopping centers. Many riders will be in these areas this time of year. 

Uber and Lyft don’t have surge pricing for the holidays, but expect to see surge prices throughout Christmas. With fewer drivers on the road and demand at such a high, drivers usually make more money on fewer rides. Christmas Eve afternoon and evening will likely have higher prices than any other time on December 24 and 25. Tips tend to be lower on Christmas; people have spent most of their money on travel, presents, and festivities, so their budgets are lower than any other time of year. However, some riders may feel the holiday spirit and be extra generous, so make sure to always be in a good mood!

Are you planning to drive this holiday season? Let us know your tips and tricks for maximizing your holiday income on our forum!

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    HOW does one schedule and Uber for Christmas Eve, and a return trip back later in the evening? I cannot find a scheduling option in the app. We live near Guelph, Ontario.

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     2 years ago

    No promotions because a glitch in the system....for christmas week!!!! Go to hell...im not driving boston!!!