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A day in the life of an Uber, Lyft and Juno driver who makes about $6,000 a month in NYC [CNBC]

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 Posted 3 years, 1 month ago

This is pre-covid, but gosh, this is sort of article that sets the wrong expectation for new drivers and the public. Everyone thinks us drivers are swimming in money.

$6000 x 12 = $72,000.  Working six days a week.  It's super misleading though, because it requires long hours (11 hours on weekdays and 8+ hours on Saturdays)  and it doesn't consider for expenses.



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     3 years ago

    This dude, no offense, wanted to look good in front of the journalist, and the journalist gobbled it up. Every news has a spin, positive or negative.  This is definitely on the side of positive. All rosy.

    So fluffy.

    "The best part of the job? Flexibility and social aspect!" Makes me want to puke.  

    and the negative?

    "ones with attitudes."  I guess?  Why not mention cleaning up pukes in the car having a rider cancel on you after driving for a long time, getting deactivated for no reasons, losing money on some trips, losing money because Uber didn't refund you for the tolls, going to Newark airport and getting screwed on the return trip, and getting a bill for $2500 to repair your car?  What about Uber continuing to ignore your claims and always sending back copy/paste responses? If you are representing the drivers, please paint a realistic picture.

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       2 years ago

      What's really good about uber driving.. anything.. or is lyft better lemme know asap

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         2 years ago

        Most people drive for both. They are basically the same.

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       3 years ago

      Yeah. This is pretty fluffy.  I think readers know this?

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     3 years ago

    I get that this is long hours and doesn't cover expenses but this is still a pretty good profit for a driver. I was also going to say that he could technically earn even more y selling products or advertising in his car but I read the article and apparently he does do that so his take home is more like 75k before taxes.

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     2 years ago  (edited 2 years ago)

    I drive for uber in Nassau Suffolk, counties next to nyc on long Island.   I make $1500 working 40-45 hours Friday 4 am to Sunday midnight +- in middle of covid with bars closing at 10 pm with their 80-90 trip bonus.   Uber always gives me my 90 trips if I work hard.   And than I have off  Monday through Thursday.   I bought a 2007 versa with 105k for $2500 gas is less than $100 a weekend,  in about 1700 miles.   I like it. I heard uber drivers in nyc make allot more but u need a $2500 tlc license.   If u put in the work accept the rides, have a 4.98 rating uber takes care of you.   

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     3 years ago

    Keep in mind this was all before Covid....

    I would love to see how he is doing now 😂 

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     3 years ago

    Wow. This is a pretty crazy day he had though "On his best day, Castillo took home $540 after nine hours of driving, thanks to surge pricing. "

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     3 years ago

    Wow. Really? 

    This is more than the homeless buns make in Manhattan. Don't they make like $32K a year?

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     3 years ago

    Yes, this is painting a rosy picture. Something like 20%~30% of the $72,000 is going to expenses like gas, car maintenance, tolls, and other fees.