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Another no-mask story. Driver: “I’m pretty sure I’m an a-systematic carrier.”

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 Posted 2 years, 11 months ago


The ride home was long, partly because of the distance, and partly because of the conversation. We (he) talked about masks, and about how, at the time, Uber wasn’t asking drivers to wear them. Then we (he) talked about how maybe the virus was overblown in the news. Then we (he) talked about how his entire family (wife and five kids) had been sick for the months of February and March. Then he said the thing that is still ringing in my ears.

“I’m pretty sure I’m an a-systematic carrier.”

I didn’t know what bothered me most: that I had just gotten out of the hospital and he was telling me he was an asymptomatic coronavirus carrier, or that he said “a-systematic carrier.” I wasn’t sure whether to snarkily ask him why he thought he had no systems, or to jump out of a moving vehicle and tuck and roll onto the asphalt.

Either way, I’m pretty sure the small confines of a car is not the place to tell a stranger that you are an asymptomatic carrier of COVID-19. A stranger that you picked up at a health clinic.



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    275 Rider Driver
     2 years ago

    Being in a crowded/small space and saying you have covid is the modern day equivalent to yelling fire. 

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       2 years ago

      Tell that to our president.  Constantly yelling fire. 

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     2 years ago

    A lot of people probably had Covid back in January and February before it was known. I have a number of friends who remember being sick in the new year. 

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     2 years ago

    Did you report this guy to Uber? I mean he should be made to take a test.

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     2 years ago

    What?! This is the kind of story that makes me never want to go in an Uber? I thought the drivers were more aware of the Covid situation than this. I would have made the guy stop the car right then and there and I would have jumped out.