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Arriving at Ft. Lauderdale airport need assistance walk with a cane. Cannot walk with luggage to designated pick up area. What do I do? Help!!

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 Posted 1 year, 9 months ago

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     1 year ago

    That pic must be Florida.

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     1 year ago

    Most airports are very strict and leave no leeway for drivers to change pickup location.  Your only option may be to call a cab or airport shuttle that can get to your required location.  

    Also understand that just because a driver picks you up doesn't necessarily mean that they will load/unload you luggage. I don't load anything because I'm also disabled and walk with a cane or walker dependig on distance.  Other drivers don't load baggage because they don't want to accept liability for handling baggage.  (we're not insured to handle bags like airport shuttles or the airlines) 

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       1 year ago

      Hire a chauffeured service.