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Can I get Uber to give my car a jump start?

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82 Rider
 Posted 6 years, 6 months ago

The Guru Take


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     6 years ago

    I think you just created a new business. Uber for Car Repairs. Genius!!

    I'm sure if the driver is okay with it and you pay the driver for his or her trouble, it's totally ok. 

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      246 Driver Driver
       6 years ago

      On-demand car jumps?  Isn't that what AAA is all about?

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    1072 Rider Driver
     4 years ago

    Who is responsible if cables are hooked up incorrectly and damage is done to a vehicle?  If something happens during the jump, Uber and Lyft insurance WILL NOT cover anything.  If you need a jump, call AAA or your roadside assistance and get help from someone licensed and insured to provide that service.  

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     5 years ago

    This seems like an excellent idea. UberJumpStart.  It should be a service they offer.

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    560 Driver
     6 years ago

    Many Uber drivers do carry jumper cables, at least those experienced ones who may have been in the taxi business.  Driving is our job and we spend a lot of time in cars.  It makes sense to have a few items in the car, you know? I also carry a blanket, cat litter, emergency bag of food and water.