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Could you technically get a friend to do like 100 rides as your passenger to jack up your driving rating

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 Posted 4 years, 3 months ago

I know this sounds illogical, but I’ve heard of a lot of drivers that struggle to maintain a 4.85

So could your friend just ride as your passenger for 100 one minute trips and give you a 5 star every time? I know it would cost a lot of money,  but I would be willing to eat the 500$ and pay my friend back if it means my Uber rating is set forever.


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     4 years ago

    I don't see why not, but is $500 really worth a better rating? Not to mention is it $500 in cash you are handing over but also hours worth of your time where you could be making money!

    And not sure it would set you up for life ... eventually you would have to have your friend do this again as Uber only uses the last X amount of trips to determine your rating.

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     4 years ago

    Uber and Lyft have ways to prevent drivers from doing this. You would have to use multiple rider accounts even then it would be difficult. Just about anything you think of trying to do to scam either of them they all ready know about. As a driver it would be easier & not cost you anything to figure out what you are doing wrong that people are rating you low. I know riders can be rough with ratings at times but for the most part if you are providing decent service your ratings will increase. He/she may be doing something wrong and not realize it. 

    There are plenty of tips here on guru by other drivers that can help keep your ratings up. If your friend needs help I can suggest a few good videos on YT, threads here on ride.guru, or I can post suggestions. I have been driving for 2.5 yrs, have over 2600 trips, maintain a 4.96 on Uber (lowest has been 4.93). Lyft I have a 5.0 (they are easier to maintain high rating). My tips have been pretty good over the past year and I dont put signs up, have boxes, or ask for them. I know some drivers do this and they feel it works but in my market I feel it would backfire:)