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Do Uber/Lyft drivers have to carry carry commercial insurance?

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 Posted 5 months, 1 week ago

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Commercial insurance is not necessary; but, may be purchased if desired. Commercial insurance is bought from agents who specialize in the niche. If you carry just regular old minimum vehicular coverage it is best to get a “ride share rider” added to your policy that specifically addresses your use of your vehicle in that capacity so there is no doubt or confusion with your insurance company as to what you are doing. If done up front it is usually cheap, as an add on after the fact it is expensive. If you try to get sneaky in any way and they catch you, they can legally deny you coverage (while gladly still accepting your payments for your “in name only” coverage.) A high majority of ride share drivers are trying to get by with just regular insurance (trying to save money); but, the first accident they have (without support of their insurance company) they will pay, pay, pay, if it is their fault. It will ruin you. A ride share rider on your insurance policy is a small price to pay for peace of mind.


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     5 months ago

    Commercial insurance *MAY* be required, depending on the market in which you drive.  Check with your local Greenlight/hub for specific requirements in your area.