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Drivers, are there separate apps for UberX and Uber Eats?

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 Posted 1 month, 1 week ago

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So as a consumer, I have two different apps, one for UberX and another for UberEats.  I assume Uber did this to offer two distinct user experiences.

What about the drivers?  I assume the same driver is also driving the food, as that would be the smart thing to do.


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    800 Driver
     1 month ago

    Same app,  you can turn the delivery option off though which many drivers do not to be bothered with meal delivery requests

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    408 Driver Driver
     1 month ago

    Yeah, we use the same app.  If we used the same app, we could get double booked with food and humans, right?

    I know why you'd think it's separate apps though. Consumers who are ordering do indeed have separate apps. Drivers have completely different apps!  (Called Uber Driver)