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Equipment requirements/Unfair advantage: violation of business code of conduct and ethics

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 Posted 10 months ago

Lyft has misled me as a contractor/driver and violates their business code of conduct and ethics, with respect to communication, and fair dealings. New equipment/vehicle purchased that meets lyft requirements, Made sure it met the requirements beforehand. Lyft refuses to allow me the use of the equipment. I filed a complaint  and the reply was the new regulations implemented have not been published yet. Lyft says they cannot allow use it because equipment is too old being manufactured in 2004 but they could allow equipment  Manufactured after 2005. this was impossible for me to know beforehand because it wasn’t published anywhere for contractors. during a complaint to a chat help representative from lyft found literature available in the public domain. It states that the company that insured lyft has entered an agreement where lyft won’t allow equiPment older than 12 years to be used. HOWEVER, they still insist that they can allow the use of equipment manufactured in 2005. Problem; the current year 2021 - 12 years = 2009 NOT 2005. Their excuse is entirely invalid. I wouldn’t have bought the equipment had I known it was not allowed for use and was assured the new regulations would be made available to other contractors soon. This gives other contractors an unfair advantage.

I want a lawsuit. Do I have a case? What should I do? I essentially was just wrongfully terminated because I cannot work using this car. Fml. Btw the car is in excellent condition No damage, no history of accidents, only one previous owner, luxury trim vehicle.