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For Tucson, AZ - Need driver or other non Uber option

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 Posted 1 week, 1 day ago

Is there Didi in Tucson?

I used it in Mexico until they started scamming me by raising the fee the minute I got into the car, but I still take them occasionally.

I use InDrive now where I decide what I want to pay, then the driver bids the same amount or higher & I can accept or decline his bid. The odd time I have to increase my offer to attract more drivers.

Other than one time where the driver went to the wrong place & then stole $30 pesos from me (didn't give me the change), I love it.

No more scamming, & the drivers (usually) are nicer.

If the driver doesn't know where he's going, I don't have to pay for his misake. AND, instead of being charged more because the driver goes to the wrong spot or I have to walk to him because he doesn't come to me or I have to put bags in the car, there's no more terrible extra charges for the 1 or 2 min. wait time. With InDrive it's 5 mins.

If anyone drives in Tucson, I need several rides while I'm there starting Monday the 23rd (late afternoon) to the 26th.


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