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Rider Scam - Claiming I picked up the wrong passenger.

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320 Rider Driver
 Posted 1 year ago

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I am afraid this is getting more and more frequent, where the passenger later claims that they never took the trip.  They claim that I picked up the wrong passenger.

I feel like this is just too easy for the riders to claim this, and I am sure so many of them get away with this.  It's is complete BS.

I see a possible scam from both riders and passengers on this one.  The driver can pick up or claim he picked up a passenger and be paid.  The passenger can take the ride and claim he didnt' so he'd not have to pay.  Not sure if there is a good solution here.


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    184 Rider
     1 year ago

    Why would the driver make up a passenger?  He wouldn't get paid unless he drives. Shouldn't he just drive a passenger and be paid unconteted than drive an empty cab?

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      OP 320 Rider Driver
       1 year ago

      You have a point.  Umm, let me think.  

      OK, how's this?  He drives up to a location, and then doesn't like what he sees (e.g. drunk man stumbling out of a bar) and instead of just cancelling it, he just swipes on Start Ride, and just keep going.  The drunk man passes out, and then has his card charged.

      No, wait, how's this?  A driver creates a fake account as a rider then ... never mind.  forget it.

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        113 Rider
         1 year ago

        the first point is actually a scam that occurs often.  Slightly different intention.  It isn't to make money but to avoid certain trips where you are not happy with the destination.

        Some drivers accept the trip, see the destinatino, and then cancel.

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          79 Driver
           1 year ago

          Simply by accepting a trip we do not see destination

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      253 Rider
       1 year ago

      what's "unconteted."

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        168 Driver
         3 months ago

        Been waiting NINE MONTHS for an answer - guess we’ll never know!🤷🏽‍♂️

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    423 Driver Rider
     1 year ago

    Does this actually happen to you? I have never had it happen. I don't think this is a common scam.

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      253 Driver
       1 year ago

      The real scam is people posting about scams that don't happen.