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Have you heard? Uber was spending $20 million a month to develop self-driving technologies.

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 Posted 8 months, 3 weeks ago

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This is why they are in so much debt. Come on Uber stick to your little ridesharing market and let the big guys handle self-driving.



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    186 Rider
     8 months ago

    The big guys? lol Wake up, Uber is one of the "big guys"

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    1 Rider
     8 months ago

    Is this really all that surprising? I mean developing new technology as advanced as this is of course going to cost a ton of money. Not sure why this is even news, TBH.

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    17 Rider
     8 months ago

    Give me $20 million and I will find away to fly you around cities.

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    39 Rider
     8 months ago

    I just heard this actually on the radio today. Nuts, I feel like Uber just spends money without any thought.