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Help!!! I have a an issue and dont know what to do.

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4707 Rider Driver
 Posted 1 week, 5 days ago

I have a Galaxy Note 8. When I have my driver apps on waiting for a request I am on my phone texting, emailing, looking things up, reading, doing school work.  Obviously I am touching my screen. Although the apps are on they are not visible unless I click.on them. As I am doing whatever on my phone a request will come through snd ping my phone.  I end up accepting it even though I may not want it for whatever reason ex. passenger rating 4.30, or  20 min pick up. Is there a way to to stop this? If i hear the request I could click on the app to make it come up and then tap to accept. Now as I am touching keys to text it accepts the ride. Can anyone help? Or does anyone else experience the same problem?


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