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Help with signing up as an Uber driver please!

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 Posted 4 years, 10 months ago

Please can you advise me? I am midway through filling in an online application to drive with Uber and it wants to know details about my vehicle including insurance etc. I haven’t acquired a suitable vehicle yet and didn’t intend to  until my application was accepted; subject to having an appropriate vehicle! Is there a way around this so that I can proceed as I intended to? I am in PERTH, WA. 

Thank you in anticipation of your reply. 



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     4 years ago

    You can still sign up just say you need a car, which you do not have to get or rent until after you get approved

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       4 years ago

      Thinking back to when I signed up, I can’t imagine going through the entire application without having a car. Maybe lots of things have changed since. 

      This makes sense though. So many people wonder whether they can qualify and it makes sense to not invest in a vehicle until you know. (Or can rent a car)

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     4 years ago

    You won’t be able to sign up for Uber until you have a vehicle. Without a vehicle, you won’t have an auto insurance policy,  that they require, and you won’t satisfy their vehicle requirement. (They check what kind of car you have.)

    The third thing they look for is license, driving records and sometimes criminal records. I assume you have the last part, but car is definitely necessary. 

    Oh, of course, unless you rent a car from one of the Uber partners. They have a few partners like Hertz, Turo, etc. I can’t remember the current line up.