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How can gas stations help?

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 Posted 1 month, 2 weeks ago

I manage a couple gas stations and have been trying to find new ways to bringing people in. Especially with the rapid change in our economy and have a few questions.

1. Aside from asking the obvious for a discount in gas prices, is there anything that may help bring drivers to our gas stations?

2. If we were to create some sort of special loyalty program for drivers, then is there a way for us to reach drivers in our area?

3. When you're between rides do you need a place to wait for the next ride? If so, then what types of things would be helpful while you wait?

4. Do your passengers often ask to stop for coffee, drinks, snacks, etc? If so, then would it be helpful to have a gas station that has a phone app for curbside pickup so that the passenger doesn't need to leave the car to get what they want?


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     1 month ago

    Where are you located? Are you a mom and pop gas station? Good for you for trying to pull out all the stops to make your station great!

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     1 month ago

    1. Easy access is the number 1 priority. I will pay a few more cents per gallon for a gas station that is an easy in/out and on my way.

    2. Not really applicable to me - I would guess you would have to advertise your loyalty program with signs and maybe in online forums like this one.

    3. Occasionally but I tend to drive during busier rush hours so there is never much down time. If a driver has to wait they will generally wait around wherever their last drop off was or head to a high traffic area and wait. I have never heard of a driver driving out of their way to wait at a gas station.

    4. Hmm, sometimes you will get a passenger who wants to go through the Wendy's drive thru but not often do they want to stop at a gas station. Some drivers also already carry snacks and waters.