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Has your Uber driver ever stopped to get gas while you are in the car? mid-ride?

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 Posted 4 months, 2 weeks ago

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     4 months ago

    That's nuts. The driver is supposed to be prepared to give you a ride, and having fuel seems to be the absolute minimum preparation he should do.

    I mean, seriously. This driver has some re-prioritization to do if he shows up with an empty gas.

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      806 Driver
       4 months ago

      I typically will have 150 miles worth of gas in my tank at a minimum. If a passenger requests a long ride which will take me close to that or longer, I will stop by and get gas on the way. there is nothing wrong with that. Mostly on a long ride like that a passenger will ask for a pit stop anyway so that is a perfect time to fuel up. Happens rarely but it could

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     4 months ago

    I have had drivers call me to say they will be a few minutes later than the app says because they are stopping for gas. I think most drivers stop in between customers.

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     4 months ago

    No, this has never happened to me but I suppose this can happen. My busy Uber driver gets requests for the next ride while still driving me. So they must be hopping from one job to another. Eventually they will be out of gas.

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     4 months ago

    My driver has stopped to take a dump once. At a local Chinese restaurant.  He just pulled in and went. 

    Apologized profusely. Come on dude, it's okay. We've all been there.

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     4 months ago

    What an excellent question. Well, yeah, the drivers have to fill up at some point. Come on. 

    I suppose they can go offline like a cab would if the gas gets low, but depending on where the passengers are going, you know? 

    The price of the trip won't change, right?