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I am moving off the beaten path with a gripe about Hewlett Packard!!

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2145 Rider Driver
 Posted 1 month ago

I have owned Hewlett Packard printers for most of my adult life. Sure I have tried others, but seem to find my way back to HP. Their drivers and hardware just work. Sometimes you get lemons; but, the modern day HP with Windows 10 is fairly stable and reliable. The only gripe I have (well maybe I should say the first part of a three point gripe) is how expensive the ink cartridges are. Sure the printers are dirt cheap and they make their money on the ink. I get that part. What I don't like is the hardcore sales pitch they constantly barrage you with coupled with this "expiration date" nonsense. And I say nonsense because unless the cartridge has been opened and the ink evaporated the cartridge should be good forever. It is a sealed container and the ink does not leave the cartridge by osmosis. Many years ago when HP started the business with "expiring" cartridges it was a means to manage service contracts and keep opened cartridges fresh. The expiration date applied to open cartridges in machines, not sealed cartridges on the shelf. Now years later people have forgotten their original intent and think the expiration date on a cartridge makes it useless. Let me pose a question. All the various printer manufacturers have cartridges that operate on the same basic technology. The inks are almost identical in makeup and the cartridges, although shaped different; essentially work the same way. Why is it then that none of the other cartridges have expiration dates? Hmmm have you ever asked yourself that? Because those other companies just don't know what they are doing? Yeah okay. HP is the only smart guy. Well if you believe their propaganda and throw out those "expired" cartridges then I guess they are the smart guy. Much to the detriment of the consumer.


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