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I got in a car that had two people in it when it was only supposed to be my driver

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 Posted 4 years, 5 months ago

Looking back I feel so stupid that I got into a car that had a female driver with a male also sitting in the front seat. I was hesitant and asked what was going on as I got into the car and the lady said that he was her husband and as I was in a rush and not thinking clearly I actually got in the car! Afterwards, I felt so nervous the whole ride. Nothing strange happened though I did sense some uneasiness between the couple. Could they have been planning something but I wasn't the right victim? Makes me shudder to think of the what ifs! Why would this lady randomly have her husband along for a ride!!??


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    8198 Rider Driver
     4 years ago

    Its against TOS on Uber & Lyft to have someone in the car with the driver. Never get into a car that doesnt match up with what is in your app (license plate, make, model, pic) or if the driver has someone with them. If I were you I would report it to whichever company you used. Not sure about Lyft but on your rider app with Uber all your trips are saved. Its easy to go back in and send report. I do hear of some couples bringing their significant other for safety reasons but you never know they may have been up to something. We live in a crazy world with many evil people that are capable of doing sick, twisted things. We all make mistakes thankfully yours didnt have a bad ending. Happy you are ok but be careful when using rideshare. Unfortunately it's not always safe. Please consider reporting this to Uber/Lyft. You may just save someone's life.