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Is there a dress code for Uber and Lyft drivers? What have you seen them wear?

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 Posted 6 years, 1 month ago

The Guru Take


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     6 years ago

    I have had drivers wear everything from t-shirts and shorts, pajamas, and even a moomoo costume. (and it wasn't even Halloween)   I love this about the industry, and I frankly don't care how they are dressed as long as they can drive and can get me to the destination safely.

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       6 years ago

      I agree, but I will add " long as they are not smelly."

      I hate to say it, but too many I have noticed do break this rule.

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     6 years ago

    Yeah, I don't give a hoot what they wear.  To be honest, I don't even pay attention.  They sit up front, and I mean..I just see the back of his head.

    When I think about it though, I think most drivers do dress nice.  Hey, I guess paying respect and being proud of the job is a good thing.

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       6 years ago

      So if they wear a t-shrit and jeans, they are not respecting you?  or that they aren't proud of their jobs?

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     6 years ago

    The UberX in my town wears a full-on tuxedo with a bow-tie.  and you heard me right.  UberX.  Not even a Black. I first thought he was joking, and I've only ridden with him once, but when I told my friends about it, they were like, "yeah, that guy."