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Are there unspoken rules about riding on an Uber or Lyft (or any other rideshares for that matter)?

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 Posted 2 months, 3 weeks ago

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Uber relatively new here.


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    31 Rider
     2 months ago

    That tip is pretty much expected on UberX. No, not everyone does, but drivers get super angry if you don't.

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      8117 Rider Driver
       2 months ago

      As a driver I dont expect tips and I know quite a few other drivers that dont expect them either. We are very grateful & happy when we get one and some days it really helps on what you make for the day:) Even if its just a few $. It's when you go above and beyond for demanding riders that you expect a tip. 

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    434 Driver Driver
     2 months ago

    Unspoken rules? Do you mean things that really should be in the terms of Uber/Lyft but aren't? (except for some vague thing about being respectful.)

    What about not SLAMMING THE DOORS?!!!  It hurts my ears, this is my car, and it's completely disrespectful.

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     2 months ago

    Not sure if these are unspoken but don't eat or wear any super strong scents. Be at your pickup time ON TIME. Don't ask the driver to change a million things, temperature, music, etc. It is ok if you are hot or have one request but don't bombard them!