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Lyft driver cancelling

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3 Driver
 Posted 5 days, 19 hours ago

I had a driver say he was arriving in four minutes. I got on the elevator. Before I got to the first floor I got a notification he had arrived and then an immediate cancellation. I later got an email that the driver cancelled because I wasn't following health and safety precautions. I couldn't get a response as to what I was getting a complaint about since I never saw the driver.  To top it off, they told me to reschedule and the price was now $16 higher than the first ride. Bait and switch. Poor customer service.


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    99 Driver
     5 days ago

    The dude must have realized there was surge in effect. I hope you didn't get the same a**hole driver when you booked it again.

    Covid seems to provide all the excuses in the world for some shameless people.

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    749 Rider Guru
     5 days ago

    That is nuts.