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Lyft is testing out a car rentals program in San Francisco

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183 Rider
 Posted 2 months ago

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Lyft is getting in on the car rental market now.


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    1029 Rider Driver
     2 months ago

    Lyft Logic 101

    If you can't turn a profit in your core business, why not expand into new areas where expenses are high and margins are thin. 

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    223 Rider
     2 months ago

    Why would people use Lyft's rental service over the long time standing Car Rental programs? This makes no sense. I love how the article states that a benefit of using Lyft's car rental program is that you can take a lyft to the car rental place LOL First you can also take a lyft to ANY car rental facility and second, is that even a benefit?! Maybe if they were giving you the Lyft for free, but they are not.

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    56 Rider
     2 months ago

    Trying to copy Uber in everything...