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Lyft text. New features to Lyft App. What are your thoughts?

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8199 Rider Driver
 Posted 4 years, 2 months ago

Received text from Lyft on Thursday. New features in app. Clear prediction when & where demand is highest, weekly forecast on when & where demand is high. "Bonuses upfront and Center" it looks somewhat like Uber heat map. More tipping options, can receive tip as soon as trip starts. Ratings, passenger dont rate automatically 5 stars, drop lowest rating, drop low ratings for things beyond driver control. All sounds good but bottom line is the need for driver to make money.   These improvements seem better than the  newest Uber driver app that rolled out a few months ago. I guess time will tell. Any driver see anything on the app in past few nights? Heat map? Weekly demand? Is it out yet? I opened my app tonight but didnt see anything about the weekly demand. Do we need to update app? Curious if any of the improvements actually helped or increased tips as Lyft claims it may (20%). 

My biggest issue with Lyft is I get mostly short trips under 7.00. They are more often than not 15/20min away. I know this happens on Uber but definately not as much as Lyft. Thats why I rarely drive for Lyft. 18 trips - 1 long trip, 3/4 10.00/17.00, rest were 3.50/7.00. Most were longer than 12 min to pick up. 

Any drivers see the improvements? If so, how are you making out with them?

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